iPhone 13 mini lasts longer battery life than iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple has increased the battery capacity of all the iPhone 13 series smartphones while claiming that they all have a longer battery life than their predecessors. On the official website, the characteristics of new smartphones have already appeared, in particular, the operating time is indicated without recharging when playing local video, streaming video, and music.

Well, the iPhone 13 mini, with the smallest battery in the entire new line, can stream video for 13 hours, compared to 12 hours for last year's iPhone 12 Pro Max. Interestingly, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is supposed to stream video on a single charge for 25 hours.

Either there is a mistake on the official site, or Apple does use some impressive optimization technology to improve battery life when streaming video. 

On Tuesday, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 13 line of smartphones in California, and today pre-orders for new items have started in many countries around the world. In Russia, accepting pre-orders will begin on September 22. Sales start on September 24th.

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