iPhone 13 Pro disassembled and compared to iPhone 12 Pro

Today, the global sales of the iPhone 13 began, and today the first teardown of the iPhone 13 Pro was published in China. In general, the new product is similar in its layout to the iPhone 12 Pro, but it's easier to disassemble the iPhone 13 Pro: inside 18 components, fixed with 73 screws. iPhone 12 Pro has 29 components. The reviewer who disassembled the iPhone 13 Pro gave it 90 points for maintainability and recommended that users of the predecessor upgrade to the new model.

Unlike the iPhone 12 Pro's battery, the iPhone 13 Pro has an L-shaped battery. This allowed us to increase the capacity to 3095 mAh (the iPhone 12 Pro has 2815 mAh). Disassembly showed that the smartphone received a Samsung screen, RAM chips were also manufactured by Samsung, and flash memory - Kioxia.

There has been a lot of talk about the iPhone 13 getting a new 5G modem, and it really is: last year's Snapdragon X55 has been replaced by the Snapdragon X60.  

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