Is Huawei Mate 50 due out this year?

Huawei was very slow with the release of the P50 series smartphones: the devices did not debut in March, like their predecessors, but at the end of July, sales had just begun. Against this background, there were not unfounded rumors that the next flagships of the Mate line were postponed: supposedly, Mate 50 could not be expected until next summer. But DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) analyst Davin Naranjo does not believe these rumors: he believes that the Mate 50 is on the way. The premiere may take place as early as October.

Alas, no more specifics, but there is something to think about. So, a couple of weeks ago, a Chinese source announced that Huawei will present many more new products this year, including unusual smartphones. And yesterday, data appeared (with reference to a Huawei employee) that the company has finally solved the problem with the lack of components that will return 5G support to its smartphones. In these leaks, you can also see hints that Huawei still has not abandoned the Mate 50. 

On the other hand, the announcement in October sounds very optimistic. Yes, the company has a big international announcement scheduled for October 21st in Vienna, but it will almost certainly be about the global versions of the P50 and P50 Pro. The Mate 50, in turn, should first be presented to the home market in China, and only then, if there are no problems with production, to the rest of the world. So if the Mate 50 really debuts anytime soon, it is unlikely before November.

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