Laptop demand weakens and the TrendForce Analysts even raised their forecast for the current year slightly

Vaccinations have gradually eased restrictions associated with the pandemic, which has weakened the demand for laptops. In the Chromebook segment, demand fell by 50% altogether. However, factors such as a wave of hardware upgrades in the enterprise segment with the return to offices in Europe and North America and the desire of brands to start shipping products for the fourth quarter in advance to compensate for port congestion have led the laptop market to the current quarter continued to grow steadily. This allowed the specialists of the analytical company TrendForce not only to confirm their previous forecast but even to slightly adjust it upward. They expect to ship not 236 million, but 240 million laptops in 2021. This is a record figure, corresponding to an increase of 16,

Chromebooks, which were the main driver of laptop shipments growth in the first half of the year, are now in less demand. This is due to a decrease in the need for distance learning and market saturation. It is expected that in just a year, 36 million mobile computers in this category will be shipped.

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