Lightweight PlayStation 5 copes better with APU cooling despite smaller heatsink

After the release of the new version of the PlayStation 5 console with model number CFI-1100B, the first reviews appeared in which it was said that this console was worse than the original because the air temperature of their vents was higher than that of the previously released PlayStation 5. This was due to the reduced radiator on the new model, which is 600 g lighter.

Dr. Aris Mpitziopoulos also tested the new PlayStation 5 revision to verify the earlier findings of early reviewers. Interestingly, despite the higher air vents in the new PS5, the CPU temperature was actually much lower at 40.8 ° C, with no throttling.

As such, it looks like Sony has implemented better APU cooling in the new version, despite the fact that the new heatsink has much fewer fins. At the same time, the updated model consumes about the same amount of energy as the original.

However, the new version still has a drawback: the temperature of the NAND memory rises to 48.2 ° C, while the original console had a temperature of 40.8 ° C.

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