Logitech Logi Dock introduced

Logitech has unveiled the universal Logi Dock with one-touch conferencing controls and built-in speaker. The device is planned to be certified for compatibility with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. According to the manufacturer, the Logi Dock is "a single elegant solution to optimize your desktop and create a more productive workspace in an environment where many organizations are moving to permanent hybrid workspaces."

The challenge for the Logi Dock designers was to streamline the desktop by providing a single point of connection for desktop devices. Logi Dock allows you to connect up to five USB peripherals and up to two monitors to your laptop while providing up to 100W of power. It uses a single cable connection, eliminating unnecessary wires, hubs and chargers.

Logi Dock integrates with the Logi Tune app to help you tune and control your devices. In conjunction with the Logi Tune calendar, the Logi Dock beeps to alert you when meeting time is near. Intuitive buttons on the body are used to connect, mute, turn on / off the camera and end calls.

Users have access to a noise canceling speakerphone and a Zone Wireless headset or Zone True Wireless headphones. When the station is not being used for communication, it can act as a speaker.

The Logi Dock will be available in two colors in the winter of 2021 for a suggested retail price of $ 399.

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