MaxLinear Shows 400G Transceivers for Interconnection in Large Scale Data Centers

At the recently concluded China International Optoelectronics Exhibition (CIOE), MaxLinear demonstrated the Molex LLC 400G-DR4 optical modules based on the MaxLinear Telluride (MxL9354x) pulse-amplitude modulated digital signal processors (PAM4 DSP).

These processors have enabled the fabrication of high-performance 400 Gbps optical modules in a compact QSFP-DD form factor for interconnection in large-scale data centers. They are also suitable for use in OSFP modules. A special feature of the MxL9354x 400G PAM4 DSP is the presence of an optional integrated EA-EML driver with a signal amplitude of 1.8 V. In addition, the devices are equipped with a digital pre-distortion (DPD) block in the transmission direction to compensate for laser nonlinearity and the effect of the package, which causes signal reflections and bandwidth reduction transmission. An automatic adaptive signal enhancement unit is included in the DSP receiving path.

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