Meizu announced the return of the Meizu M line of low-cost devices

Meizu has officially announced that it is bringing back the Blue Charm line of devices, the last of which was released in 2018. Until a few years ago, Meizu was one of the most successful Chinese smartphone companies, thanks in part to the low-end Blue Charm line of phones. Outside of China, they came out in the Meizu M line.

In July, the company registered several new accounts on the social network Weibo, which indicate upcoming new devices: Blue Charm Tablet, Blue Charm Watch, Blue Charm TV, and Blue Charm Router. The account names suggest that Meizu plans to release tablets, watches, TVs, and routers in the Blue Charm lineup.

Meizu announced the return of the brand after 1269 days of hiatus. The brand suspended production in March 2018, with Meizu unveiling the Charm Blue product line in December 2014. Information from Weibo also reveals that Charm Blue will be headed by Hua Hailiang, vice president of Meizu Technology. Li Nan was a longtime head of Charm Blue until he left the company last year to start his own startup.

The Chinese company will fight for market share after Huawei's departure. The company is reported to be starting to publish teasers of its new devices soon.

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