Meng Wanzhou will be released and can return to China

Almost three years ago, at the initial stage of the confrontation between the United States and Huawei in Canada, Meng Wanzhou, the company's chief financial officer and daughter of the founder of Huawei, was arrested. And now they are finally preparing to let her go.

Wanzhou will be released and allowed to return to China. We will remind, earlier the USA demanded from Canada to extradite the girl. However, now that the United States as a whole has won a victory over Huawei, and the conflict has practically outlived its usefulness, Wanzhou is no longer a lever of pressure. True, they will let her go for a reason.

Reportedly, she will have to agree with the accusations made by the United States and at the same time promise not to commit other crimes against the United States. She was charged with banking fraud and violation of US sanctions on the supply of equipment to Iran.

The American side has already announced that it is preparing to withdraw the extradition request. At the same time, Wanzhou pleaded not guilty, but within the framework of the agreement, she took responsibility for her main role in the implementation of the scheme of deception of the global financial institution. In particular, she admitted that she significantly distorted information regarding Huawei's business in Iran when communicating with US banks.

Wanzhou's lawyer said he was pleased with the agreement.

She pleaded not guilty and we expect the indictment to be dismissed in fourteen months

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