Microsoft unveils a wireless mouse designed from recycled plastic

During today's event, Microsoft announced a wireless mouse designed from recycled ocean plastic. Microsoft's wireless Ocean Plastic mouse is among the company's first steps to conserve the environment.

Ocean Plastic is launching a design that includes 20% of recycled plastic from ocean waste, seas, and waterways, where the plastic materials have been treated with resin pellets that are added to other materials to produce the cover.

The mouse's packaging box is also designed from 100% recyclable materials, as it is made of wood, sugar cane fibers and does not contain plastic. Microsoft also confirms that the old mouse can be sent to be recycled again. 

The new wireless mouse includes three customizable buttons, the mouse supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and communication at a distance of 33 feet, and the mouse works for 12 months with an AA battery, and the mouse also supports Swift Pair technology to connect to computers, and it is scheduled to start charging the mouse on October 5 Next priced at $25.

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