MIUI 13: New shell screenshots published

In August, everyone was waiting for the announcement of the MIUI 13 shell, built on Android 12, from Xiaomi, but instead, the company introduced the improved MIUI 12.5: it became clear that the announcement of MIUI 13 was postponed. Xiaomi will present MIUI 13 only by the end of the year, but one of the users of the social network Weibo has already published screenshots of the shell.

I must say that the MIUI 13 interface has not been lit up for the first time on the Web, but these images are the first ones that show the entire smartphone desktop, with different widgets. According to rumors, MIUI 13 will be the evolution of MIUI 12.5: new fonts, icons, and effects will appear, and the technology of virtual increase of RAM, which is now available only in some models, will debut at the system level in MIUI 13.

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