Mobile entertainment and location-based content to create market potential exceeding $ 8.5 billion

The combination of 5G, Multiple Access Edge Computing (MEC), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning (AI / ML) offers tremendous opportunities to create new multimedia services with highly engaging user experiences. The faster data rates and increased bandwidth provided by 5G support high-density traffic in large venues such as stadiums and arenas, and when combined with MEC and AI / ML provide new capabilities such as real-time multi-screen switching at the stadium (live streaming with less than a second latency), real-time game analytics, location-based multiplayer games, and enhanced immersion and interactivity with augmented and virtual reality. 

Analytics firm ABI Research predicted and assessed several key emerging market opportunities associated with the ability to locate and use technologies such as 5G and MEC, there will be a market potential of more than $ 8.5 billion in this area by 2026. This rating includes premium content at venues (stadiums, concerts, airports), location-based services, and games.

5G, edge computing and artificial intelligence make content and multimedia services more contextualized, interactive and accessible wherever they are deployed, and provide a more innovative and immersive experience. Solutions based on these technologies can add value to geolocation data, services, and marketing. They will not only expand the use of public spaces but also create new ways to monetize content, explains Michael Inouye, Principal Analyst, Next-Gen Content Technologies at ABI Research.

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