Mojo68 is a transparent mechanical keyboard with already raised $ 730,000 for the release

KickStarter finishes fundraising for the Mojo68 mechanical keyboard. In its description, the authors of the project highlight the transparent case and the possibility of customization and programming.

The 68-key keyboard weighs 1 kg. Its dimensions are 327 x 123 x 47 mm. An interesting design feature is the mounting of the board with switches in the device body through shock absorbers, thereby improving the tactile sensation from working on the keyboard.

Caps and switches are replaceable. The developers offer six Gateron switch options and three TTC switches, so the user can choose the option that best suits their needs in terms of force, travel and response. Support for three interfaces, including wired USB (Type-C connector), 2.4GHz wireless USB and Bluetooth, provides compatibility with Windows and macOS computers, Android and iOS mobile devices. The keyboard is backlit.

The goal of the campaign was to raise $ 50,000. As of this writing, the amount raised is close to $ 730,000. The fundraising will end in four days. The minimum deposit to hope for a keyboard is $ 169. The authors of the project promise to start shipping finished products in November this year.

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