Motorola's next generation wireless charging unveiled

Motorola today introduced the next generation of fully wireless long-range over-the-air charging. The device can simultaneously charge four mobile devices that are up to three meters away, while the charger covers an angle of 100 degrees.

The manufacturer claims that charging can be done even through obstacles such as paper and leather. Taking into account the user's safety, the built-in biological monitoring technology of the device will stop charging when the human body is identified.

The new generation of Motorola air-to-air charging equipment features a phased array of 1,600 antennas and an independent Motorola charge control chip and charge algorithm. Significant improvements in integration, heat dissipation, semiconductor materials and conversion speed allow for more stable and targeted charging.

Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo's China Mobile Phone Division, said, “When I first saw the technology in action, I was also surprised. The main thing is that we are already close to a commercial launch. "

The exact timing of the launch of the respective chargers has not been announced. The first generation of wireless charging over the air from this company was unveiled in January. 

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