Mysterious 60 GHz Transmitter Discovered in Apple Watch Series 7

In smartwatches Apple Watch Series 7, a mysterious module was unexpectedly discovered, operating at a very high frequency of 60.5 GHz.The mention of him was found in documents in the FCC database. It also states that the module is activated when the watch is placed on a proprietary magnetic docking station. It is assumed that we are talking about a specialized device used in Apple service centers. That is, this is a module for internal use by company specialists, for example, for diagnostics or configuration.

The docking station is also known to have part number A2687 and is powered by a USB-C port. One of the sources speaks about the possible data transfer rate through the negotiated channel up to 480 Mbit / s, that is, at the USB 2.0 level. Perhaps, with the release of the watch on sale, there will be more information about the mysterious module.

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