NAND flash contract prices to begin to decline in Q4

Analyst firm TrendForce argues that shipments of smartphones, Chromebooks, and TVs in the current half of the year were lower than expected. At the same time, demand for products such as memory cards and flash drives remained sluggish. Only in the corporate segment, there was a relatively stable demand for products that use flash memory. Given the gradual build-up of stock, analysts predict contract prices for NAND flash will begin to decline in the fourth quarter.

Contract prices for client SSDs will decrease by 3-8% compared to the third quarter, and for enterprise SSDs they will increase slightly (by no more than 5%). A significant decrease in demand for eMMC modules will result in a 5-10% reduction in contract prices for these products. The contract prices for UFS modules will decrease by 0-5%. The biggest drop in contract prices for NAND flash is wafer-shaped. According to analysts' forecast, the decline will amount to 10-15% in quarterly terms.

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