New Huawei Laptops With Android Apps Launch September 13

The Chinese tech giant is gearing up to launch new laptops from its MateBook lineup, in connection with which a new teaser for the laptop has been released, which will be unveiled at a press conference scheduled for September 13 this year.

The picture shows a laptop from the side, while its parts act as hour and minute hands of a clock, and instead of numbers, icons of various applications are shown. The source confirms that the new Huawei laptops will support Android apps.

The picture shows the Douyin app, which is the Chinese version of TikTok, as well as an app called Dianping, which is similar to Yel. There is also the Himalayan Tingshu app, which is analogous to the Himalayan Podcast, and some kind of airline ticket app.

Users of the new Huawei laptops will be able to use these applications. While Windows 11 will support Android apps in the future, Microsoft has already said the feature won't be available when the operating system launches in October.

The company is expected to release new notebooks called the MateBook 13S and 14S, the numbers in which indicate the diagonal of the display.

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