New lightweight Sony PlayStation 5 was no worse than the old PS5

Sony released a new variation of the PlayStation 5 in several regions at the end of the summer. It turned out to be much lighter, but the manufacturer did not explain why. 

Enthusiasts quickly discovered that it was a smaller heatsink. And early reviews noted that the console is worse than the original as the console gets hotter. 

Now two popular resources at once, Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry have sorted out this issue in detail. Gamers Nexus tested three PlayStation 5 models: Standard 2020, Digital 2020, and Standard 2021. Tests have shown that the processor of the new model is several degrees hotter. However, Gamers Nexus concluded that the difference was too small to affect the console's performance or the user's gaming experience. 

Digital Foundry further tested these claims by comparing 2020 and 2021 consoles across multiple games. Result? Identical performance. Even when the consoles were deliberately overheated by placing them in tight spaces, the results were still the same.

Gamers Nexus also notes that the memory and VRM area, which got significantly hotter in the original 2020 model, now get noticeably less hot. 

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