Nintendo Switch fell forever in Europe

Nintendo has slashed the price of the base version of the Nintendo Switch in Europe. Moreover, we are not talking about a temporary promotion or a sale, but about a constant reduction in price. 

If earlier you could buy a set-top box for 330 euros, now it is priced at 300 euros. In the UK, Nintendo has adjusted the price to £ 259.99, down £ 20 from its previous £ 279.99 price tag. In Russia, the prices for Nintendo Switch in the official retail remained at the level of 23 thousand rubles. 

The fact is that on October 8, 2021, open sales of the updated Nintendo Switch OLED will begin. For now, pre-orders are accepted for the new set-top box at a price of 365 euros. In Russia, the set-top box will appear on sale only from October 22, its recommended retail price will be 30 490 rubles. 

The Nintendo Switch OLED differs from the original Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen enlarged to 7 inches in diagonal (it was a 6.2-inch LCD), the novelty also received improved speakers, a tilt-adjustable stand, a LAN port in a docking station, 64 GB flash memory instead of the previous 32 GB. 

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