Nintendo Switch OLED: The new screen is really great and is a contender for the best handheld console ever

The new Nintendo Switch OLED game console will not go on sale until October 8th, but Engadget has already received a pre-test box and shared his first impressions, calling it a contender for the title of the best portable console in history.

The main feature of the new console is a larger and clearer screen. Instead of a 6.2 "LCD, a 7" OLED screen is now used. The author of the preview stated that he noticed a strong difference between the screens of the consoles. He even dug into the settings of the original console, trying to increase the brightness of the image:

Unfortunately, I realized that all the settings are at the maximum. The new console's OLED display is bright, crisp, and pretty darn good. The original Switch display still looks good, but the new screen is really great. - Engadget

For testing, reviewers were offered Metroid Dread, the launch project for the new console. It can still be played on a regular Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, but the reviewer writes that, of course, everything looks better on the new screen. Despite the increased dimensions and weight of the device, the set-top box does not seem inconvenient.

The new stand turned out to be much wider and larger than that of the original set-top box. The new black and white color scheme look great life.

So far, the author of the preview has not had time to check the battery life of the set-top box with the new screen and find out how many games will fit into the 64 GB flash memory.

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