Nintendo Switch won't get cheaper outside European countries

As we know, the other day Nintendo Switch fell in price in Europe. In most countries, the price has dropped from 330 to 300 euros. Against this background, there were rumors about a price cut in the United States. However, this will not happen.

The company commented on the situation, saying it had no plans to adjust the price in the US. There the console, recall, is sold for $ 300 excluding taxes. The company also does not plan to reduce prices in other markets, that is, in Russia, unfortunately, the price will also remain the same.

The reason for the price drop in Europe is the preparations for the release of Switch OLED. At the same time, the console will be released in other markets, so it is not very clear why the price has changed only in Europe. It's also worth noting that the prices for Switch Lite and Switch OLED will not be subject to correction either. At least for now.

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