Nvidia DLAA technology introduced

A few years after the emergence of Nvidia DLSS supersampling technology, Nvidia DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) enters the market.

It is an AI-powered anti-aliasing technology. In fact, this is the same DLSS, only without the upscale. That is, if in the case of DLSS the image is initially formed at a lower resolution than the resolution of the monitor, and then by means of AI it is completed to the original resolution, then in the case of DLAA the picture initially has the required resolution, and the AI ​​is used for anti-aliasing. Thus, a very high-quality picture should be obtained without the notorious image additions, which opponents of DLSS like to mention so much.

DLAA turns out to be quite demanding in terms of performance and not as fast as, for example, TAA. Therefore, it makes sense to implement it in undemanding games. Actually, the first game with DLAA was Elder Scrolls Online, which was released seven years ago. The game is undemanding to the capabilities of the video card, which means that excess performance can be used to improve the image by DLAA.

Interestingly, the technology was presented not by Nvidia, but by ZeniMax Online Studios, which created the game. And the wording in the announcement hints that it was they who had the idea of ​​creating the DLAA, if not the development as a whole. Actually, while there is no mention of the technology even on the official website of Nvidia itself

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