Omdia Data: AMD's Server Processor Market Share Reaches Record 16%

Competition in the high-performance data center processor market is heating up. AMD posted the best-ever record last quarter in terms of market share and sales. It took 16% of the server processor market. Analysts of the Omdia research group have such data. In their opinion, an important factor that contributed to AMD's success was strong demand from hyper-scale cloud service providers, in particular Google.

However, demand for servers in the second quarter of 2021 remained strong across all market segments amid fears of possible non-fulfillment due to component shortages. 3.4 million servers shipped in the quarter, the same number as in the record-breaking second quarter of 2020. This figure is in line with Omdia's forecast. Vendors' revenue was $ 21.5 billion. Server revenue is expected to reach $ 92 billion for the year overall, up 11% year-over-year. Analysts point out that the strong growth is largely due to the steady rise in server prices.

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