OmniVision credited with intent to cut orders by 50,000 plates per month

Industry sources including Taiwan Economic Daily, Yahoo Taiwan, UnitedDailyNews, Digitimes and SinaFinance reported that OmniVision is cutting its 2022 imaging sensor orders by 50,000 wafers per month. The main reason is the decrease in demand due to the contraction of the smartphone market in China.

OmniVision is the third largest supplier of image sensors behind Samsung and Sony. But even for her, the indicated reduction looks too significant. Doubt about the accuracy of the information about the reduction was expressed by the publication MoneyDJ, citing the opinion of Taiwanese representatives of the industry:

“The industry considers it unlikely that there will be a reduction of 50,000 units per month at once. Most likely, we are talking about a correction in accordance with current market conditions and allocated production capacity. The reduction will amount to no more than 30,000-50,000 wafers per year, mainly not due to production in Taiwan, but due to OmniVision's facilities on the mainland. "

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