One developer did the work for Google to bring YouTube Music to Wear OS 2.0 smartwatches

Following the shutdown of Google Play Music last year, Google has been criticized for not preparing YouTube Music for smartwatches that run the Wear OS operating system.

In May of this year, Google announced plans to launch YouTube Music on Wear OS, but unfortunately, the app requires the latest version of Wear OS - Wear OS 3.0. Only the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series meets this criterion, leaving the previously released Wear OS 2.0 smartwatch without the YouTube Music app. Fortunately, one developer has tackled the issue.

A developer named Alexandru Pop on Twitter has managed to bring YouTube Music to smartwatches running Wear OS 2.0. This version does not scale properly to fit the screens of most smartwatches, so the developer had to tweak the app's user interface to fit within the tiny screen of the smartwatch. As a result, the user interface is still not optimized, but it works.

It's also worth noting that this port is based on YouTube Music Vanced. This is to bypass the limitations of the original application, which prevents logging in if the application has been compromised. By downloading the unpublished version of YouTube Music Vanced and its companion app - Vanced microG Settings - you can sign in to your Google account in the modified app.

Step-by-step instructions on how to install the modified YouTube Music app on smartwatches running Wear OS 2 can be found at XDA-Developers.

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