Oppo offers to place camera on the side of the smartphone

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that smartphones have a main camera on the back and a front camera on the front. The frontal one can sometimes be implemented not in the most usual ways, but the essence remains the same. What about the side camera?

This decision is described in a recent Oppo patent. The patent was filed in February and approved today. The document is called "Electronic device and method for controlling the direction of image capture for it."

According to Oppo's idea, the camera on the side is not needed for originality at all. This solution should allow you to better cope with scenarios when you need to shoot a moving subject. And the camera on the side will allow you to do this without moving your smartphone.

The highlight is that it's not really about an additional full-fledged camera. Only the lens will be placed on the side face. Inside, a system of mirrors will be placed, allowing the main module to use either the lens in the main camera block on the back cover or the side lens. This should reduce costs, as no additional sensor itself or space is required to place it. True, such a solution makes impossible any scenarios that could be realized if there were a completely separate camera on the side edge.

Given the specificity of the idea, it is not at all a fact that it will ever be implemented in a serial product.

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