Passport and Jumbojack: Android creators make two foldable smartphones at once

Renowned analyst Evan Blass confirmed yesterday that Google is preparing to launch its first Pixel smartphone, tentatively titled Passport, which will feature a foldable screen. Now, knowledgeable sources cited by Gizmochina said that Google is simultaneously developing a second foldable Pixel smartphone, codenamed Jumbojack. The device is reportedly similar to Samsung's foldable smartphones and has a large screen that folds inward, as well as a small external display.

It is assumed that the form factor of the device will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The screen size of this smartphone is still unknown. Accordingly, we can assume that the Passport will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

Samsung has already proven that such form factors are quite popular, and now other manufacturers are starting to follow the example of the South Korean giant. Xiaomi has already released its Mix Fold. Apple is also rumored to be working on two counterparts to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold.

XDA Developers has some interesting information about the next version of Android 12, which will be released under the name Android 12.1. Some of the innovations will be aimed at improving the performance of foldable smartphones.

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