Phison Ready Configurable PCIe Gen 5 SSD Platform

Phison Electronics, which specializes in the development of controllers for solid-state drives, announced the availability of its development, which will allow manufacturers to begin shipping SSDs with PCIe Gen 5 interface next year. consumer segments.

Phison's motherboard and drive customers' business models assume that these companies will be able to access the latest technology before the entire associated software and hardware ecosystem is built. With this in mind, Phison already offers a PCIe Gen 5 SSD platform.

The controller maker notes that PCIe Gen 5 is twice as fast as PCIe Gen 4 in maximum data transfer rate (32 Gb / s), allowing you to double the overall performance or halve the number of lanes while maintaining performance. Phison's platform includes the first controller in the E26 series. The manufacturer notes two key differentiating advantages of this platform.

First, Phison uses more in-house critical IP cores in its controllers than any other manufacturer, thereby eliminating dependence on third-party companies and the problem of heterogeneous building blocks that make up the controller.

Second, the E26 controller is being developed concurrently with Phison firmware in the FPGA environment, even before the chip goes into production, resulting in reduced time to market and high reliability.

The platform will support dual PCIe ports and advanced features such as SR-IOV and ZNS, as well as the latest ONFI 5.x and Toggle 5.x NAND interfaces. The custom controller uses low-power ARM R5 processor cores and low-power IP cores from CoXProcessor 2.0 coprocessors. E26 Gen 5 test samples are manufactured using a 12nm process.

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