PlayStation 5 performance has improved following a firmware update

Last week, a major update was released for the PlayStation 5, which made it possible to use an additional one located inside the SSD in the console, brought support for 3D audio for the built-in speakers of TVs, and a number of other functions. But here's something that was not mentioned: the new firmware has increased the performance of the system.

It was discovered, one might say, by accident by the hosts of the Digital Foundry YouTube channel. In the process of comparing the new and old versions of PlayStation 5, they noticed that the performance of the old one was higher. As it turned out later, the latest beta version of the same firmware that became available to all users last week was installed on the old version. Now, after the update has been released and installed on both consoles, their performance is the same and it is equally higher than those versions of the PlayStation that worked with the old firmware.

Not to say that the performance has improved dramatically - the increase in the frame rate in games (Control and Devil May Cry V Special Edition are cited as examples) was 3-5%, but this is a free percentage of the increase, which in itself pleases.  

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