Possible iPhone 14 without bangs showed a year before the announcement

Authoritative netizen and Front Page Tech editor Jon Prosser, who has proven himself well in past Apple-related leaks, has posted the first renders of the iPhone 14 smartphone.

Despite a good track record (the insider was the first to report the exact dates of the presentations of the iPhone SE 2020, MacBook Pro 13, and also published many renders of real devices), it is worth noting that the final version of the iPhone 14 is likely to be changed. The fact is that the Cupertino-based company completed the development of the iPhone 13's appearance and approved the design only at the beginning of August this year.

The iPhone 14 may bring with it the first major redesign since 2017, when the iPhone X hit the market - the company's first smartphone with the famous cutout, which has long been dubbed a bang. If the insider's forecast is confirmed, then the iPhone 14 will receive a front camera embedded in the screen, like many modern smartphones.

Earlier it was reported that the most significant change in the design of the iPhone 13 is this particular cutout, which is often referred to as bangs. In this generation, it will become noticeably smaller, but the cutout can completely disappear only after a year.

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