Ray tracing on the Radeon RX 570

A new implementation of ray tracing has appeared on the market, available on a fairly wide range of video cards, including far from the newest ones. Ray tracing support has been added to the MESA (OpenGL and Vulkan implementation for Linux) graphics library for older AMD GPUs. The list includes adapters with RDNA architecture, Vega models, and the highly popular Polaris. Perhaps this is not the whole list. As a result, at least the specified lines of AMD video cards will receive support for ray tracing in the Vulkan API with the RADV Radeon Vulkan driver.

At the same time, older AMD adapters do not have dedicated blocks to accelerate ray tracing, which means that the performance situation may not be very good. The situation is aggravated by the quality of the optimization of the RADV driver for old adapters.

As a result, some have already been able to try out the new features on the Navi 10 and Polaris 10 GPUs in the Quake 2 RTX game and encountered errors. But recompilation helped.  

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