Renesas RX67 high performance 32-bit microcontrollers with contactless HMI functionality

Renesas last week unveiled a group of 32-bit RX671 microcontrollers (MCUs) that combine high performance and rich functionality with touch and voice recognition capabilities for a non-contact human-machine interface (HMI).

Part of the RX600 series, the RX671 microcontrollers are based on the RXv3 processor core, clocked at 120 MHz. The MCU has an integrated flash memory that supports fast read access with a clock frequency of 60 MHz. The company cites a real-time performance score of 707 CoreMark points and an energy efficiency score of 48.8 CoreMark / mA (one of the best in class).

According to the manufacturer, the COVID-19 pandemic has set new safety requirements that have changed the way people interact with their devices and the environment, in particular, increasing the demand for hygienic contactless user interfaces. The MCU RX671 has a capacitive sensor unit with high sensitivity and noise immunity. In addition, the serial audio interface can be used to connect digital microphones that support voice recognition over long distances. These features, used in conjunction with voice recognition middleware from Renesas' RX ecosystem partners, allow developers to quickly and easily incorporate contactless functionality into their projects.

An important feature of the RX671 is the Trusted Secure IP core, which is part of an embedded hardware security engine that also includes an encryption engine with AES, RSA, ECC, and SHA support, a True Random Number Generator (TRNG), and an encryption key management engine. Combined with the dual memory bank function and the built-in flash memory protection function, it enables features such as Secure Firmware Upgrade and Secure Boot.

Available in a variety of packages ranging from 48 to 145 pins, up to 2MB of Flash, and up to 384KB of SRAM, the RX671 microcontrollers are well suited for a wide variety of applications that require advanced functionality, high power efficiency, and a compact footprint. Examples include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, smart meters, and smart home appliances. For devices with limited size, there is a model with 2MB of flash memory in a 64-pin TFBGA package measuring only 4.5 x 4.5 mm.

At the same time, two new development boards with RX671 microcontrollers are presented: Target and Starter Kit +. They help you quickly assess the capabilities of the MCU, including connecting the Wi-Fi expansion card Pmod (RTK00WFMX0B00000BE) for the easy assessment using a wireless network connection. The Renesas Starter Kit + for RX671 and Pmod Wi-Fi Expansion Board is FreeRTOS Certified, allowing users to get certified samples from GitHub out of the box and try out the RX671 in coordination with AWS.

The RX671 microcontrollers are already available in 64-, 100- and 144-pin LFQFP packages. MCUs in 48-pin HWQFN, 64-pin TFBGA, 100-pin TFLGA, and 145-pin TFLGA are slated to start mass production in Q1 2022. In terms of price, the price of an MCU with 2MB of flash in a 64-pin LFQFP package is given as a guideline. If you buy 10,000 pieces, it is $ 4.94 per piece.

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