Revenue of contract manufacturers of semiconductor products in the second quarter of 2021 was a record high

Analysts at TrendForce, who examined the semiconductor contract manufacturing market in the last quarter, note that customers remain panicky, contributing to shortages. Combined with a recovery in demand after the pandemic and a real shortage of certain components, the excitement has led to higher prices and higher incomes for producers.

The top ten contract manufacturers, which account for 97% of the market, grew 6.2% QoQ to $ 24.407 billion.

At the same time, TSMC, the leader among contract manufacturers, increased its revenue by 3.1%, so its share decreased slightly compared to the first quarter - from 54.5% to 52.9%. The second place is occupied by Samsung, which increased its revenue by 5.5%. Its share decreased from 17.4% to 17.3%. UMC, which is in third place, increased its sales by 8.5%, which led to an increase in its share from 7.1% to 7.2%. Next comes GlobalFoundries. It increased sales by 17.0%, which led to an increase in its share from 5.5% to 6.1%. The largest growth was shown by SMIC. The Chinese manufacturer managed to increase sales by 21.8%. As a result, its share increased from 4.7% to 5.3%.

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