RISC-V will take 28% of the IoT processor market by 2025

The overwhelming majority of modern microprocessors and microcontrollers are based on ready-made building blocks - IP-cores, which embody this or that architecture and set of instructions. This allows for faster design and compatibility. Intel dominates processor architecture for computers with its x86 instruction set, while Arm holds a similar place in the market for SoCs for smartphones.

However, the markets for personal computers and smartphones are approaching saturation, while the market for IP cores is entering a new era. At least that's what William Li, a research analyst at Counterpoint Research, said, the global IP core market is approaching an inflection point as the share of semiconductor content in the solution increases, and there is a need for a diverse and open approach. to computing resources, memory, security, and other architectures. "

The analyst explains that this demand is mainly driven by the growth of advanced applications such as smart devices with artificial intelligence, 5G communications, supercomputers, and autonomous cars. It is expected to drive product value growth in the chip design and intellectual property licensing industry.

Counterpoint Research predicts that the global market for licensed IP cores will grow by an average of 11% per year in the coming years and will reach $ 8.6 billion by 2025. Today the market is dominated by companies such as Arm, Synopsys, Cadence and CEVA. At the same time, Arm occupies more than a third of the market due to an extremely high share of mobile devices. At the same time, the open instruction system and processor architecture RISC-V, introduced in 2010, is gaining momentum.... The fact that the world's largest developers, including MediaTek, Qualcomm, NXP and SiFive, have already released solutions based on RISC-V makes this architecture a "rising star". Its advantages include the benefits of open source, lower power consumption, security features, and less dependence on political friction.

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