Russian government approves a ban on government purchases of imported laptops

The Russian government has approved a ban on government purchases of imported laptops, tablets, mobile PCs, servers, integrated circuits, and lighting products. The corresponding decree was approved on 28 August. 

The list also includes various mobile devices weighing up to 10 kg. These are not only laptops and tablets, but also pocket computers that combine the functions of a mobile telephone (apparently smartphones), electronic notebooks, and other similar devices.  

As for the rest of electronics and electronic medical equipment, government customers will have to follow the “second-to-none” rule. It implies that the customer must reject all bids for participation in the tender, in which there are imported products if at least one bid implies the supply of domestic solutions. 

In this case, navigation and measuring equipment, communication equipment, security and fire alarms, sound equipment, monitors, tomographs, X-ray machines, endoscopes, electrocardiographs and other similar electronics fall under the rule.  

In the future, we will continue to create favorable conditions and opportunities for the development and strengthening of the positions of Russian electronics manufacturers. - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Shpak 

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