Russian Skif chip is specially designed for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices

A presentation of the Skif microprocessor was held in Russia, which was arranged by the manufacturer - the microcircuit design center of the Elvis Scientific and Production Center (Electronic Computing and Information Systems). 

It is noted that this is the first Russian chip designed specifically for mobile devices. The chip can be used in tablets, smartphones, smart cameras, telecommunications infrastructure, autonomous robotic systems, and industrial automation.

Anton Semiletov, General Director of the Elvis Scientific and Production Center, said that the performance of smartphones and tablets based on the Skif model number 1892BA018 will correspond to the level of the iPhone 6 and iPad Air, new products from Apple in 2014 and 2013. Also noted is the possibility of installing two 16 megapixel video cameras, 4K resolution screen and "minimum" power consumption. 

It is planned to start mass production of Skif-based devices in 2023. During the presentation, several companies announced their plans for the production of such tablets. The first such tablets can begin to be produced as early as mid-2022.

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