Samsung Galaxy Note 22 may not come out

Rumors that Samsung is going to bury the Galaxy Note line of flagship smartphones have been circulating for a long time and are periodically confirmed and refuted. This time, a trusted insider came up with a confirmation. The Note line is over, according to an informant known as Ice Universe on Twitter. But ... not really.

Galaxy S will be the new Note. In fact, the internal competition between Galaxy S and Galaxy Note is called the main cause of death for Note. Smartphones of these two series over time have become so close technically that the only thing that distinguishes them is the design and the presence of the S Pen stylus in the Note. But now, apparently, the Note will finally officially retire, and the Galaxy S will receive a stylus - although obviously not in all versions. 

Ice Universe previously accurately predicted the announcements of various Samsung image sensors, as well as the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha with the wraparound screen.

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