Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: The company has released only 10,000 smartphones

According to German blogger and trusted insider Max Jambor, Samsung produced just 10,000 Galaxy S21 FE smartphones this month.

This is an extremely low figure for a product due to launch next month. This may change in the coming weeks as Samsung ramps up production, but there is no exact information yet.

This slow pace of production may reflect Samsung's overly cautious approach to the Galaxy S21 FE. The company wants to make sure it doesn't waste hard-to-find parts. Samsung has a lot of smartphones in its range, so the company cannot afford to produce more Galaxy S21 FE smartphones than it can sell.

The problem is that the Galaxy S22 should be presented earlier than usual. There will be about four months between the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22 releases, so few potential buyers will want to buy an aging smartphone before the release of the new flagship. Although everything can be solved with the right pricing.

Max Jambore was the first to publish the exact specs of several OnePlus smartphones, as well as smartwatches, earlier this year.

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