Samsung Galaxy S21 FE may not be a hit

Samsung originally planned to launch the budget flagship Galaxy S21 FE into production in the first half of this year, and then it would have gone on sale in August. However, for a number of reasons (the main of which is the lack of chips), the production of the device was postponed - according to new data, it will begin in September. The official premiere of the Galaxy S21 FE will take place at the end of October, with sales starting at the beginning of November. But the problem is that the production of Galaxy S22 smartphones should begin in November.

Samsung believes that many users will prefer to wait until the Galaxy S22 is on sale (in January 2022), and therefore will not buy the Galaxy S21 FE. That is why the original plan to sell 10 million Galaxy S21 FE has been revised and cut by 3 million. However, several new flagships are planned for the fall (Pixel 6, Xiaomi 12, iPhone 13) - and all of them can take away part of the audience from the Galaxy S21 FE. All in all, this undoubtedly important model for Samsung has (so far) very dim market prospects.  

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