Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: The device has passed the tests of the blogger JerryRigEverything Quite successful

The well-known blogger JerryRigEverything has reached the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone. The older flexible Samsung model performed well, so how will the younger one perform?

The outer small screen is protected by glass, so everything is familiar with scratch resistance. But although the main screen is covered with ultra-thin glass, a plastic film is glued on top of it. So it's very easy to scratch it. You also need to be careful with the "Samsung" sign, as the paint from the letters is easy enough to peel off. The scratched fingerprint scanner works fine.

In terms of flexural strength, the smartphone passed it. Nothing cracked, although after the test the device remained slightly bent when open. It can also be noted that the earth poured onto the smartphone did not particularly affect its work.

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