Samsung makes fun of Apple and the announcement of the iPhone 13

Immediately after the presentation of the iPhone 13 series smartphones, Samsung published several posts on social networks that ridicule the so-called innovations that have long been present in the smartphones of the South Korean manufacturer.

Apple is proud to announce that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max feature ProMotion screens with refresh rates up to 120Hz for the first time in the lineup.

Samsung replied that its smartphones have been equipped with 120Hz screens for a long time, directly hinting that Apple, as before, is passing off innovation that which users of smartphones running the Android operating system have long been accustomed to.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 introduced support for 120 Hz mode, which migrated to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold3. At the same time, the last smartphone received not only a bending screen, but also a sub-screen camera.

Samsung also did not forget to clarify that Apple does not yet have even a hint of non-folding smartphones: "Imagine how much more interesting the new iPhone would be if it could fold in half."

Does anyone else have a sense of déjà vu? Or just us? - Samsung

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