Samsung plans to release an image sensor with a resolution of 576 megapixels

Samsung posted an interesting schedule at the recent SEMI Europe Summit, the source said. It shows the progress of Samsung image sensors since 2000, when the South Korean manufacturer released a front-illuminated 0.3MP sensor. In 2010, a 5MP sensor was released, which used back-illuminated technology. In 2013, the company introduced ISOCELL technology to improve sensor performance by reducing cross-talk between adjacent pixels.

As the resolution increased, the pixel size decreased. In 2014, Samsung was the first to master the mass production of 16 megapixel sensors with 1 micron pixels. The illustration itself gives a complete picture of the most important milestones of more than 20 years of journey. Perhaps the most interesting is the far right side of the timeline. It shows that Samsung has planned 576MP image sensors for 2025. As you know, while the maximum resolution is 200 megapixels .

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