Samsung twice denied a request in the US for more chips for smartphones

Samsung mobile head Tae Moon Roh (TM Roh) confirmed that he has made two work visits to the United States this year to obtain more stocks of chips and application processors needed to make smartphones.

According to TheElec, Tae Moon Ro met with major component manufacturers in the US to get more chips and asked major partners to increase shipments for the South Korean tech giant. However, according to sources close to this, the trips did not end as Samsung planned.

The first trip was made back in March, the second took place in July. The source also added that the president of Samsung Mobile visited the headquarters of the global SoC maker in July and asked for additional chips, but was ultimately denied.

The component maker responded to Tae Moon Ro that the company also wants to increase its total supply, but cannot yet increase shipments for Samsung. The source adds that Tae Moon Ro was also accompanied by the vice president, who stayed in the United States after the division head's visit and, after spending about three months there, returned to South Korea.

However, a company spokesman said that their trips still cannot be called completely unsuccessful, since they really led to the fact that the brand was able to increase sales a little.

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