SoC Apple A15 in iPhone 13 is ahead of all known competitors

The first test results of the Apple A15 single-chip system, which will be installed in smartphones of the iPhone 13 line, indicate that the new platform outperforms all known competitors.

Apple's new flagship A15 SoC achieved 198 fps in the Manhattan 3.1 test. Prior to that, it was reported that Samsung Exynos 2200 scored 181.8 fps in the same test. True, after the second round of testing, throttling is observed and the frequency drops to 140-150 frames per second.

The source clarifies that the results were published on the South Korean forum Clien, while talking about an engineering sample that was tested back in July this year. So by the time the iPhone 13 is released, the throttling situation may be back to normal.

It is also reported that the iPhone 13 with the Apple A15 SoC, based on these test results, will be approximately 13.7% faster than the iPhone 12 with the Apple A14 mobile platform. And even if throttling is the same as that of an engineering sample, the novelty will still be faster than all known competitors.

The current leaders in the Manhattan 3.1 benchmark are shown below:

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