SoC Dimensity 2000 is already being tested and is gaining more than 900,000 points

here is new information about MediaTek's flagship Dimensity 2000 SoC, which will use TSMC's 4nm process technology and offer excellent performance.

Sources say Dimensity 2000 will begin shipping in small quantities by the end of this year. Moreover, some manufacturers are already conducting relevant tests. If all goes well, the launch timing of the Dimensity 2000 smartphone could coincide with the launch of the Snapdragon 898. This means that there could be direct competition between these SoCs.

The Dimensity 2000 CPU will be the same as Qualcomm's next-generation Snapdragon 898, or even better. As for the GPU, it will be stronger than the Snapdragon 888 and its power consumption will be better. Dimensity 2000 will be ahead of Dimensity 1200 and Snapdragon 888, and will also compete with Snapdragon 898.

The Dimensity 2000 is expected to use the Arm Cortex-X2 super-core, with AnTuTu reportedly scoring more than 900,000 points. Although the predictions indicate that the result of the Snapdragon 898 may exceed 1,000,000 points in the same test application.

Compared to the Cortex X1 core used in the Snapdragon 888, the X2 core performance will increase by at least 17%. In addition, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 10%. In addition, the performance of the A710 and A510 cores will be increased.

The information was provided by Digital Chat Station, which was the first to accurately report the characteristics and release dates of the Redmi K30, K40, Xiaomi Mi 10, and Mi 11.

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