Suppliers of iPhone 13 forced to suspend production due to problems in China

In recent days, amid power outages, many Chinese cities have issued rationing notices. This affects not only ordinary residents: some enterprises have suspended or completely stopped production.

Several key Apple suppliers have reportedly announced the suspension of production in China, leaving the stability of the supply chain in question. It is reported that these measures will have a big impact on electronic products, especially the iPhone 13 series. During the peak of the holiday sales season, there may be a real shortage of smartphones.

Major mechanical parts supplier Yisheng Precision Industry said on Sunday that its plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, had suspended production Sunday through Friday in response to the city's policy of cutting off industrial power. The company said it will temporarily maintain inventory operations during the downtime and is expected to engage in production during the holidays to meet customer needs.

Printed circuit board supplier Xinxing Electronics said its Suzhou and Kunshan factories should stop production from Sunday afternoon until the end of this month, with the company mobilizing production capacity at other manufacturing bases to reduce the impact.

Pegatron, one of the important iPhone assembly plants, said the plant is currently operating as usual, but the company is ready for possible notification from municipal authorities. The manufacturing plants of Foxconn, Apple's main assembler, in Longhua, Guanglang, Taiyuan and Zhengzhou were unaffected.

If the restrictions end in the coming days, then there may not be big problems, however, if the measures to limit the electricity supply are expanded, it will certainly cause a shortage of the iPhone 13.

Apple said that the support service has not yet recorded a single call or message, which would say about artifacts in the photos from the iPhone 13. At the same time, in China, they have already begun to counterfeit the packaging of the iPhone 13 .

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