TCL Electronics launches the 10th series of TVs X925 with premium MINI LED technology and 8K performance

It announced  TCL Electronix, one of the world's leading companies in the TV industry and consumer electronics, today announced the launch of its series X  ( the X )  TVs in the Middle East market. The X925 TVs will be available with screen sizes ranging from 65 to 75 inches. Technology Mini Waleed offer  ( small of LED lamps )  supplied by X925 devices for viewers viewing experience unrivaled through the use of lights a small hand in larger numbers working to increase control areas in contrast,  thereby increasing the ability of the screen to view more details and provide intelligent smooth lighting wider and high-dynamic-range.  The X925 series is certified by the 8K Display Technology Association to ensure an 8K viewing experience, allowing it to deliver 8K resolution and high 8K performance for viewing content with the best picture clarity available on the market.  

Said Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industries Holdings Limited, TCL Electronix, saying,  " We are proud in TCL to achieve our goal to become a leader of genuine TVs powered by mini Walid, thanks to the mini - technology Walid from TCL is characterized by a series  ( X )  with superior performance and these devices will gain a leading position in the premium LED TV market. The X925 will deliver an unimaginable viewing experience with high sound performance for watching sports, TV shows, and movies. It also provides an immersive single-player experience for gamers, and promotes smart lifestyles through enhanced internet connectivity .”  

Amazing picture and sound quality 

With TCL's QLED technology, the X925 enhances the color level by more than 100 %  with over a million shades. All images are reproduced with super deep 3D-like depth to deliver a fully immersive experience to the viewer in every moment and every scene.  Improved color reproduction means sharper, more realistic colors are rendered with brighter whites emphasized and blacks or darks more visible. To provide a professional audio experience, the X925 is equipped with high-quality 2.1 channel audio so that viewers can enjoy a deeper connection and a stronger connection to the on-screen content. Its industry-leading audio systems feature hardware from Onkyo and audio technologies such as Dolby Atmos®' immersive audio. Which takes the viewer into the action while enjoying a stronger and more contained sound that flows from the screen to permeate the place. 

Unparalleled gaming experience 

Come equipped with technology devices X925 ( Game Master )  from TCL to meet the desires of gamers who aspire for more.  With 120Hz Motion Estimation and Compensation ( MEMC )  technology, high refresh rate dynamic compensation, reduced color gamut, and minimal noise and vibration, the X925 renders every image and scene incredibly smooth.  The Game Master package on the X925 features a 2.1-inch HD multimedia interface to deliver the best possible picture resolution and sound clarity for games, TV shows, and movies.   Furthermore, you are guaranteed variable refresh rate and the status of less time automatic response, channel sound returns powered, Wi-Fi and 6 with software algorithms TCL own fantastic image even with scenes of fast-moving games with low Tbat A  input.  

Fun entertainment from Google TV by TCL 

X925 devices come with Google TV technology that allows access to hundreds or even thousands of content options bundled in streaming services. TCL's Google TV technology combines TCL's industry-leading 8K MiniLED technology and QLED technologies with new Google entertainment experiences to help users discover and access their favorite content in excellent definition on the latest TCL screens at unprecedented speeds. prefixed. TCL TVs with Google collect and organize movies, shows, and live shows from different apps and subscriptions for each user. It provides recommendations based on each user's need, so TCL users can explore more viewing options; Viewers can even request Google to search for movies and programs, answer their questions, and control smart home devices through their voiceprint on TCL's large screens. 

Various smart functions 

With the Magic Magnetic Camera that combines the TV experience with the social networking experience, the X925 offers unlimited communication possibilities as it comes with the Google Du app pre-installed, allowing for easier instant video calls with family and friends, and is pre-programmed with a variety of Gesture instructions, allowing users to interact with the TV by moving their hands instead of remote control or voice commands. 

A true pioneer in the field of mini LED TVs 

TC has been introducing MINI LED technology to the X series since 2018 when the brand first introduced MINI LED technology on TV screens, and after mass production of MINI LED TVs, TC launched the X10 which is the first MINI LED TV In the world for the global market and 8-series TV that also works with Mini LED technology in North America, TC To has built on this experience and succeeded in putting Mini LED devices to the fore with the introduction of Fedrian Mini LED technology in 2020. 

At CES 2021, TC unveiled its latest TCL OD Zero Mini LED technology, a technology that reduces the distance between the backlight layer of the Mini LED and the layer of the LCD screen to an amazing 0 mm. Thanks to this breakthrough development, TCL has created an ultra-thin design that has never been seen before in LED and LCD TVs, and this design will soon be applied to more TCL TVs later this year. More sales information in the coming days. 

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