The creators of the cheapest smartphone in the world want to sell 50 million devices in 6 months

Indian telecom giant Reliance Jio is expected to release its new entry-level 4G smartphone dubbed the JioPhone Next very soon . This phone was developed in collaboration with Google.

Now it became known how much the device will cost, which at the time of the announcement was called "the cheapest smartphone in India and around the world." JioPhone Next will be available in two flavors: Basic and Advanced. These versions are reported to be priced at $ 68 and $ 96, respectively.

It is also known that buyers who decide to buy a phone can first deposit 10% of the amount, and then pay the rest in installments (detailed conditions were not disclosed). Reliance Jio is known to have partnerships with five banks, including State Bank of India, Piramal Capital, IDFC First Assure and DMI Finance.

In addition, it is reported that Reliance Jio intends to sell an impressive 50 million units of JioPhone Next in the first 6 months. The telecommunications company has already set internal sales targets for distributors and financiers. It is worth noting that, perhaps, only Apple smartphones are being sold at such a pace.

JioPhone Next is manufactured by UTL Neolyncs, a joint venture between UTL Group and Neolync Solutions. The smartphone should go on sale in India from September 10th.

We published the characteristics of the device in August.

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