The day before the presentation of Apple, Huawei will show its new products

Huawei has officially confirmed that the presentation of its new devices will take place in China on September 13, that is, next Monday.

The company has yet to reveal what devices it plans to launch at the upcoming event, but according to a recent leak, the Chinese tech giant is gearing up to launch its own printer.

As for the printer, along with the printing functions, it will also support scanning and copying, making the printer a versatile product. In addition, it will support a Wi-Fi connection for wireless printing and can be easily controlled remotely via the app.

There is also information that Huawei will introduce a 14-inch device that will have the functions of a mobile phone. The Chinese source calls the device a 14-inch phone. Perhaps we are talking about a tablet with a call function. Gizmochina adds that the device will not be a smartphone in the traditional sense, but will have the functionality of a mobile phone.

Since a screen of such a diagonal is more suitable for a laptop than a tablet, this option should not be ruled out.

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