The enlarged screen of the Apple Watch Series 7 will display more information

According to Bloomberg, Apple will indeed soon introduce a new smartwatch that will have larger screens. The source revealed new details about the wearable devices.

Apple Watch Series 7 will be available in two sizes: 41 and 45 mm. The older model will have a 1.9-inch screen, while the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 has a 1.78-inch screen. The resolution also increased to 396 x 484 pixels, resulting in a 16% increase in pixel count. Unfortunately, no details have been given about the 41mm version.

Apple will take advantage of the large screen to display more information on it. It is also reported that the Apple Watch Series 7 will receive new watch faces that make the best use of this new screen size. One of the new watch faces is called Modular Max, and, in addition to displaying the time, it will show the day of the week, temperature or the shortcut of the selected application. It will also be reported that the watch will receive a Continuum dial, which will change depending on the time of day and specific time. In addition, the watch faces of the World Timer are mentioned, which shows all 24 time zones, Nike and Hermes.

The source writes that the display of the new Apple Watch uses a new lamination technique. Unfortunately, this has led to production issues that could delay the release of smartwatches or limit their shipments at launch. It was previously reported that the problem is caused by multiple sensors.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple plans to announce a successor to the Apple Watch SE next year, as well as a rugged model aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts. The flagship watch will also receive a body temperature sensor in the future. Other reported features coming to the Apple Watch lineup are a non-invasive blood sugar sensor and blood pressure monitor.

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